7 Reasons Why Drug Testing Is Essential in Workplaces

A company’s success depends on many factors, and one crucial one is its image. Employees make up a more significant part of a company’s image. You can think of them as brand ambassadors for a company. They reflect primarily on the company’s principles and values and what they stand for, so having employees who use illegal drugs is not a great picture.

Drugs not only lowers their productivity in the workplace, but your revenue may also be affected. Similarly, other employees may be at risk of harm. The use of drugs by your employees has very drastic consequences.

This is essentially why drug testing at workplaces is essential. Such a phenomenon, over the last decade, has become a widespread occurrence. May companies today conduct drug tests periodically to evaluate the soberness of their workforce. Although there’s some slight backlash, drug testing employees remains an invaluable practice, as it can be the best guide when you want to hire new employees.

Here are the seven reasons why your company should conduct compulsory drug testing at the workplace.

1. Creating A Safe Space in The Workplace

When one employee is under the influence of drugs, their judgment may be impaired. This is a potential safety risk, especially if they are handling machinery. In industries like transport and construction, the stakes are well pronounced.

Even white-collar jobs may have risks involved when one employee uses illegal drugs. It may be in the form of harassment and general office misconduct towards other workers.

When your employees don’t feel safe in the workplace, it may introduce other hosts of problems, and they need to be as safe as possible. As the business owner, you are responsible for making the work environment safe, and you do this by drug testing your employees. Conducting one is simple. You can use a search engine and type in “dot drug test” to see all the health institutions that conduct on near you.

2. You Probably Don’t Want to Fire anyone.

Firing an employee for any reason whatsoever is demanding, both for you and them. Nobody wants their means of living cut short. Thus, having a drug-testing program at the workplace is essential.

Your employees can meet the standards and goals you’ve set for your company, and the chances of anyone losing their job based on drug use decreases. The cost associated with replacing new employees and the employee turnover rate decreases significantly.


3. Their Performance May Be Affected

If any of your employees use drugs to boost their productivity and office performance, this may be counterproductive as they will eventually start to fall behind. The effects of using drugs have a linear regression curve. They may be productive at first, but when they begin to come down, so does their performance.

Conducting a workplace drug test will help you identify employees who use drugs and those who have a lower output because of drugs. 


4. Protecting Yourself from Lawsuits

If any accidents at the workplace may lead to injury or death, your company becomes legally liable. If you have employees who abuse drugs at your workplace, there is a potential security threat to all other workers and clients who interact with your business.

If this information gets out before you have a chance to mitigate it, there may be some legal action taken against your company. Lawsuits are expensive for any business, and apart from you having to pay up, your company’s image may be tarnished for good.


5. You Want to Keep Your Company’s Profit from Declining

Every business wants to make profits, and anything that gets in the way of that should be stopped in its heels. Any drug-using employee will derail your company performance in many ways, financially included. Drug use affects productivity. You may have employees missing deadlines and taking more and more sick days. The decline in productivity means lower profits.

There’s also the risk of drug-using employees developing behavioral issues. These include stealing from the company to fund their addiction and disruptive behaviors like not reporting to their job. Either way, drug-using employees will affect your profits, and they’ll take an unknowingly hit.


6. Protecting the Reputation of Your Business 

The repercussions of having a drug-related incident at your workplace, significantly when a client or a member of the public gets hurt, are damaging, worse if the media gets a whiff of it.

The ripple effects of this single action are potentially lethal to your company. The number of public relations exercises, lawsuits, and image rebuilding you will deal with is unimaginable. If you’re lucky and none of this happens, there is still the issue of review, and when someone leaves a negative review of your company, you get a bad rap. You can avoid all these by conducting employee drug tests and taking a stance on office and public safety.


7. Avoiding High Work Abstinence Rates

If your employees use these illegal hard drugs, they compromise their immune systems. This means that they’ll be ill frequently and take more sick leaves. The physical condition of employees is critical to the performance of the company. If the well-being of anyone who plays an essential role in the day-to-day of the company is compromised, productivity decreases immensely.

Anything that will reduce sick leave and promote your employees’ health benefits everyone in the company.


Final Thoughts

Drug testing at the workplace instills values of abstinence in the employees, thus reducing it entirely. These reasons for drug testing at the workplace are convincing enough for you to do it. The costs of workplace testing far outweigh the benefits you stand to gain when you do it. Your employees will remain focused, productive, and motivated. If you want to keep your company up and running as effectively as possible, drug testing should be an integral part. Although it’s a debatable topic, implementing it as a policy in your workplace will protect your business.

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