Benefits Of Having A Family Travel Insurance Policy

We occasionally forget that we need to take a break and spend quality time with our family amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. An all-family getaway can help everyone in the family relax, renew their minds, and deepen their relationships. It is preferable to shield those you care about from any unexpected events during such family vacations. Your family is covered by travel insurance from India in case of unanticipated illnesses, accidents, luggage loss, or flight schedule changes.

Unexpected illness may require you to pay a sizeable sum of money toward hospital expenses, which can be exorbitantly expensive in a foreign country. Loss of luggage, a passport, or other important documents is a serious problem that might land you and your family in trouble with the immigration authorities. Therefore, it is advised to always fly with your family while covered by family travel insurance. 

Travel protection for the entire family 

With family travel insurance, you can travel with your family in confidence because it will cover problems like flight delays, lost checked baggage, delayed luggage, medical emergencies, lost passports, and other travel-related issues. 

What does travel insurance cover? 

  1. Expenses for urgent medical care 

If you have a medical emergency, you can contact one of your travel insurance provider’s networks of cashless hospitals by using your travel health insurance coverage. 

  1. Delays in flight 

If a flight is delayed or a connecting connection is late, the insured person will receive compensation for meal and beverage costs with this coverage. The amount specified in your policy will serve as the coverage limit for expenses. 

  1. Baggage Loss or delay in baggage

You can receive coverage for the full or partial loss of checked baggage as well as losses for any damage to the items and goods inside the luggage during the luggage check-in process with a checked-in baggage loss cover. The luggage delay benefit of your travel insurance reimburses you for your checked baggage.

  1. Hospitalisation for Coronavirus 

Travel insurance from India is usually recommended because the pandemic is far from ending. A travel insurance plan includes hospitalisation for coronavirus. 

What does travel insurance not cover? 

  1. Using intoxicating substances 

The policy will not accept any claims if you use any illegal or intoxicating substances. 

  1. Pre-existing conditions

The policy does not cover costs associated with illnesses you have before the travel you’ve insured or any treatment you receive for an ailment you already have. 

  1. Breaking the law 

The plan does not provide coverage for illnesses or injuries brought on by war or by breaking the law. 

  1. Self-inflicted injury 

The insurance policies we provide do not pay for any hospitalisation fees or medical expenses associated with self-inflicted injuries. 

5. Obesity and cosmetic treatment 

These costs are not covered if you or any member of your family decides to get cosmetic surgery or treatment for obesity while on the trip you’ve insured. 

The benefits of family travel insurance 

Following are some benefits of obtaining family travel insurance

• One-time premium: In contrast to purchasing individual travel insurance plans for each member of your family and paying various premium amounts, doing this would require you to pay a single premium sum. 

• Protection from unexpected medical costs: The treatment costs and medical bills will be covered by your travel insurance in the event that one of your family members experiences a medical emergency while you are travelling abroad.

• Misplacing a passport: If someone in your family loses their passport abroad, you may have to deal with several difficulties, including legal and financial ones. However, you will receive assistance in obtaining a replacement passport as soon as possible if you have the best travel insurance in India coverage for lost passports.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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