Here are 4 Circumstances That can Affect your Personal Loan EMI

The financial temperament of the country is increasingly becoming dull with each passing day. Situations of cash crunch have become a thing of the present as citizens of the nation continue to fight with higher interest rates, surcharges, and many more.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan which the borrower repays through Monthly Instalments, as EMIs to the bank. If you are applying for a personal loan EMI, there are definite things that would require your attention to fulfill the approval of your loan.

For home loans and car loans, the rate of interest is fixed for all borrowers. But personal loans’ interest rates are constantly fluctuating and may be different for each borrower depending on the eligibility criteria set by the banks. Therefore it is highly recommended for each individual to know all the important factors that can affect one’s personal loan interest rate.

Here are some key factors that can or will affect the interest rate on your personal loan:

  1. Your Income

Your income is the most essential element that determines the interest rate on personal loans. The obvious truth for individuals with raised income is more likely to pay back their loans on time than those with meager incomes.  individuals with high and stable income tend to get away with lower interest rates on their loans. However, lenders may charge higher interest rates on loans given to low-income individuals to safeguard themselves against imaginable risks.

  1. Your Credit Score

It is common knowledge nowadays that credit score plays a critical role in loan approvals. However, for personal loans emi , your score becomes even more significant because it will not only decide the loan approval but also result in the interest rates. The credit score reflects the financial performance of a person in terms of previously taken loans or other credits.

Each immediate repayment against your loan will increase your credit score while delayed payments or defaulting will have adverse effects. In other words – seizing an instant loan can boost your credit score. A higher credit score conveys a higher level of trust in the borrower’s repayment ability, allowing them to take loans at lower interest rates. Typically, a score above 750 is considered a good credit score.

  1. Your Employer’s Status

Since personal loans are commonly unsecured, lenders seek different factors that provide some trust in borrowers, and the status of your employer is one among them. Borrowers who are employed in a renowned organization are considered more financially strong and responsible for making timely repayments. Sometimes, lenders may also have more relaxed lending policies for borrowers working for specific organizations.

  1. Your Debt-to-income Ratio

Reckon you are employed in a well-known company and earn a relatively high salary, but you have a decent part of your salary going in debt payments. In this scenario, all your previous debts are certainly going to affect the interest rate on any potential personal cash loan. The debt-to-income ratio is calculated by dividing all your debt payments by your total income. A higher debt-to-income ratio means more obligations on the borrower’s part, and the lender may charge a higher interest rate on your loan just to be on the safe side.

Closing Word

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, several other smaller elements can affect your personal loan interest rate.  Individual negotiation skills may also be effective in getting a good deal sometimes. Nonetheless, by knowing all the elements that factor into personal loan interest rates, a person can be better prepared when applying for a loan. Hopefully, we cover all the things that you need to keep in mind before you opt for a loan in India.

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