Keeping Your Sheets on Your Bed- Five Easy Ways

If you have had problem with keeping your sheets on the bed or with it fitting right, and not popping out of your mattress every night, know that you’re not alone. Almost everyone has that problem– knowing how to keep sheets on bed. I was always pissed off when I woke up on my mattress each morning with my sheets on the floor until I found a solution to it. I know you are pissed off too.

Not to worry though, there are hacks you can employ to get over this and to have a perfectly tight and wrinkle-free sheet. Here are they:

How To Have a Perfectly Tight and Wrinkle-Free Sheets

Below are five steps on how to keep sheets on bed:

  1. Use Suspenders to Suspend Your Sheets

To keep your sheets from slipping from your mattress, suspenders come in handy. With suspender clips, you can clip the sides of the corners and middle of your sheets and make them stay in place and fitted.

  1. Attach Safety Pins

This is a very simple and easy solution. Get some safety pins, and pin the sheets to your mattress. Ensure you pin with the pressure of the sheet, not against it. This will help to avoid the pins from weakening and bending, and will make your work more efficient.

  1. Place rough undersheets below the fitted sheets

When you place a rough sheet below your fitted sheets, you increase the friction, reduce movement and that prevents your sheet from moving out of place. The only issue is that the extra heat will produce more heat at night which may make you uncomfortable. So, if you have a sensitive skin or always have a hot night when sleep, it is not recommended for you.

  1. Employ stretchy bands

Get a set of big rubber bands and fasten them across your mattress, ensuring that the locking mechanisms they come with face the outside. Attach your sheet. When this is done and your sheet is lined with the locks, adjust the locks and fasten them in place.

  1. Buy a correct fit

Pay attention to the size of your mattress before purchasing your sheets. You may need to measure the dimensions of your bed and then, compare it with the dimensions of the sheets you want to get. This will ensure you get the right size for your mattress, making it fitted.

With these, I believe you now know how to keep sheets on bed and you’ll no longer struggle with your sheets staying on your bed.

Bamboo sheets

In case you are thinking of what sheets to buy on your next shopping, don’t think too far. 100% bamboo sheets come highly recommended. Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo. They are cool and give comfort to the body. They have hypoallergenic properties too, so you have no worries if you have a sensitive skin. And the best bamboo sheet to go for is 100% bamboo sheets, that is, a sheet entirely made up of bamboo. You will be glad you did.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to keep sheets on bed, go apply one of these steps. You will definitely see wonders. And if you’re thinking of getting some bed sheets, get 100% bamboo sheets.


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