NCERT – The Best Study Tool in CBSE Board Examination

Class 10 is the most important period for students as they appear for board exams for the first time. In order to secure more marks, it is essential to prepare for exams right from the beginning of the academic session without wasting a single moment. It is most important for every student to completely get familiar with the NCERT Syllabus. The syllabus comprises useful information for every concept covered in the chapter. NCERT Syllabus are provided here so that students can grasp the complex concepts more effectively. Most of the questions that are asked in board exams are chosen from these books. Hence, students are suggested to practice all the exercise problems. Students can check their answers referring to NCERT Solutions when they get stuck while solving the textbook problems. 

The NCERT Syllabus does not rely on rote learning and offers a competitive edge at the national level after schooling. The syllabus is considered to explain questions, theories and provide a systematic comprehension of the multiple subjects and topics. Students mostly get confused on how one should frame the answers elaborately to score high marks in the exams. Hence, to overcome this obstacle, students are suggested to follow the answers prepared by experts while practising the textbook problems. Regular practice of these solutions provide an idea of how much explanation is required to write for any particular question in exams. Students must know the marks allocated to questions before answering them accordingly. These solutions also boost students writing and presenting skills in exams.

Benefits of using NCERT Books in exam preparation

  • The syllabus provide an idea of concepts that students are going to learn in the entire academic career
  • It helps students to focus on important concepts which are essential to score high marks
  • NCERT Syllabus helps students to develop a better study plan
  • It acts as a best study source for board exam preparation
  • After completing the entire syllabus and practising the exercise problems students obtain confidence to face the board exams
  • It provides students in-depth knowledge of complex concepts which are required for better academic performance
  • NCERT Books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum and numerous questions asked in board exams are chosen from here
  • Students can download the solutions in both online and offline mode whenever required 
  • The solutions designed by professionals who have years of experience, help students with a better understanding of the subject
  • Students are encouraged to practice numerous questions from textbooks present at the end of each chapter for more conceptual knowledge 
  • Practising NCERT Solutions help students with a strong and wider knowledge of concepts to boost their academic performance
  • These solutions also boost confidence in appearing for other competitive exams such as IIT, JEE, NEET etc.

Therefore, following NCERT Solutions while practising textbook problems provide the right approach for facing the complex problems, enhancing their skills which are essential from exam perspective. These solutions help students to obtain an idea of the exam pattern and the important questions asked for various concepts. Regular practice of textbook problems referring to NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Social Science helps students to verify their area of weaknesses and work on them for better performance.


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