Typical Day of a Cricket League Captain: 5 Lessons

When it comes to fantasy cricket gaming and its related tournaments, you don’t act right after you think it through. You wait, you put your skills into it, you strategize, and then you take action. Yes, the most important thing to do to create the hottest fantasy cricket strategy is to keep a cool head. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. There’s a lot more to the game than just downloading. Form a team. Choosing the right players. Lots of scouting. And then there’s you.

We’ll help you with what makes you think of strategies to follow in a fantasy cricket game. We have been in contact with many fantasy cricketers who have told us more about the technical aspects of the game. For them, the following strategies are the best ones to get good results in the game. Take a look at them. Let’s get started, shall we?

Say no to bias – as harsh as it may sound, get your favorite players out of your head. Don’t cling to them because they’re fans or followers in your mind. Instead, choose the portrait of the player and build a strong team with them. When developing a good strategy, they say, always focus on the options. Don’t get involved in solving the problem – think about the solution. For example, the problem may be that your chosen captain is underperforming on the current pitch – think about whether you want to keep the same player or replace him. This will make the conversation more concrete and help you focus.

Learn as you go! — If you try to work your team over and over again, you will improve in the game of fantasy cricket. You won’t get better the first time you play. Once you find a strategy that works, it’s always good to stick with it, but also to keep experimenting and changing it depending on the nature of the game you’re playing. Then you’ll understand that it’s a good idea to learn whenever and wherever you can when it comes to fantasy cricket.

Have fun! — While many of you may think that you perform best under pressure, with fantasy cricket you will be your best self when you play fantasy cricket for fun. Don’t use it as an escape from anger, monotony or similar emotions. Play the game when you want to relax and you’ll make the best team with the best captain! Believe it or not: but you’ll thank us later for this pointer!

You don’t have to play every single game – it sounds tempting. Challenging. And daring. We know. But this isn’t a test. This is a game. Minimize your losses by figuring out which matches you do best in. Play the t20 world cup and other quality matches and focus less on quantity. The number of matches can keep increasing, but there’s no point in playing fantasy cricket if the tactics and skills don’t improve a little.

What aspiring cricketers can learn from a normal day in the life of a cricket captain –

Risk taking. It may seem like a given to you, but when there is a lot of responsibility attached to “taking risks”, you will think a hundred times before you do it. That’s what captains do. For example, in fantasy cricket, there have been several captains who have sent others to bat first instead of batting alone, breaking the mould. Of course, sometimes it turns out to be a bad decision, but it’s good to learn from it. If you never try it, you’ll never know.

Get your bearings. You can be a fan of any cricket captain and you will notice one common denominator: the confidence with which he handles the game. Do you know why? That happens when you know the fundamentals and methods of the game. This means that no matter what the format of the game is, you can execute it with a few tweaks rather than extensive changes. And that’s the lesson? Develop the basics and do your best.

Performing under pressure: The ability to remain calm and composed even when you are distracted is one of the greatest virtues of a great cricketer. This, in turn, helps the entire team maintain a positive attitude and provides motivation for the challenges ahead. In extremely stressful situations, sometimes you don’t believe in yourself, but stick to your guns, ignore the opposition, go for it and yes, take pictures!

Fitness. If you have to remember anything, we hope you learn it from the cricketers. Fitness, of course for the players, is important for the rest of us. Remember, when we say fitness, we don’t mean the physical side. You will find that captains are so mentally fit and focused that they believe in the game no matter what is going on around them. That’s one of the things you want and should achieve as soon as possible.

Create winning teams. That is where you and your team are in a fantasy cricket league. The captain has to make sure that he takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the players and selects wisely. There is no favouritism involved. Similarly, when putting together a team on the mobile app or web version of Balle Baazi, make sure that your fanbase doesn’t dominate the team. Do your research, find out which players are in the best shape, and then pick the best players to be the captain you should be proud of.

We’re sure you’ll be able to devise better strategies by now – good luck in your next match!


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